A To Z Animal Match(加速、全解鎖、序號破解、多開、退費)|IOS|Dice01推薦

A To Z Animal Match,Dice01推薦最好用最熱門的手機應用(加速、全解鎖、序號破解、多開、退費),所有遊戲都可以透過Apple商店進行下載!

A To Z Animal Match|IOS

A To Z Animal Match Game is a game specifically developed for young children to improve and enhance their cognitive functions, improve memory and hand eye coordination while also learning the Alphabet with animal names and most importantly having fun while doing it WITHOUT ADS!

First, choose from one of three difficulties to play. Once you have done this, the cards will be displayed facing down.
Second, Tap on your first card and it will flip over and reveal the hidden image, then tap on a second card which will then reveal a second hidden image. The aim is to have those two cards be the same using memory skills.
If the cards match, then the first letter of the animal on the card will be played along with the name of the animal.
You also receive points based on a number of​ pairs you get. Points are gained to help you keep track of your progress If a pair is made in a row you receive extra points.
If the cards don’t match they simply flip back over to their original position and you have to try to find matching cards to make a pair. Try solving the board as fast as you can with as few mistakes as possible, the fewer mistakes you make the more points you will earn.

– 3 Difficulty Levels.
– Colorful pictures originally designed, especially for children.
– Animal names and letters are pronounced by children to help children learn the animal names.
– Ability to turn the timer on and off.
– Ability to turn Sounds on and off.
– Score System.
– Pause screen.