Competent PM(加速、全解鎖、序號破解、多開、退費)|IOS|Dice01推薦

Competent PM,Dice01推薦最好用最熱門的手機應用(加速、全解鎖、序號破解、多開、退費),所有遊戲都可以透過Apple商店進行下載!

Competent PM|IOS

Want to get familiar with Project Management competences? Download the Competent PM app!

Short and concise description of each Project Management competence element is available in one click. Texts in Russian language are also included!

App is developed as free addition to the Project Management board game “Sea Wolf – Competent PM”.

Contents of this app are based on IPMA ICB®, International Project Management Association Individual Competence Baseline Version 4 standard, or ICB4.

ICB is a registered trademark of IPMA in Switzerland and other countries.

Quick guide:
– Install this app
– Click on the symbol of the Project Management competence element
– In the popup window read it’s short description in English or Russian language