Craft Air Ninja: Spider-Shadow Resque(apk、外掛、修改、優化、免費、高音質)|安卓|Dice01推薦

Craft Air Ninja: Spider-Shadow Resque,Dice01推薦最好用最熱門的遊戲、手機應用,所有應用都可以透過Play商店進行下載!


Craft Air Ninja: Spider-Shadow Resque(apk、外掛、修改、優化、免費、高音質)|安卓|Dice01推薦(免費內購版)
GT City of Heroes!
Amazing free game with your favorite heroes! Peter-a new hero from famous comic books and movies got into trouble. You in fact have understood that this is the same person bitten by the spider in a red suit;)
 All this time he fought with a vulture, crime in the city, showed his infinite rage to the villains. The famous Stark took him to his brave team of avengers. For Stark, he was strong as a Manhattan!
 But one day, Spider Hero was unable to cope with the mission … Alien spinners captured the world, because of them the floor became lava and many inhabitants were killed! Only the strongest remained! Among them was a Tortoise Mutant teenager! This is a real ninja who courageously gathers his army of incredible characters who survived a wave of spinners and lava to start a war with evil! He easily defeats any enemy with the dagger, but he needs a team to defeat the destructive power of monsters!
 Go through the first chapter of the unique story of salvation! Save as many Heroes as possible in a futuristic world! Be the best samur! Win injustice! And remember: you have a BATTLE FIGHTER!

-A stunning city!
-Legendary characters!
-Realistic management of the MILITARY HELICOPTER!
-All like in life, only better!

And much more is already waiting for you right now!
+ Characters in the style of the legendary Craft!