Fidget Spinner falldown gyro(加速、全解鎖、序號破解、多開、退費)|IOS|Dice01推薦

Fidget Spinner falldown gyro,Dice01推薦最好用最熱門的手機應用(加速、全解鎖、序號破解、多開、退費),所有遊戲都可以透過Apple商店進行下載!

Fidget Spinner falldown gyro|IOS

* Welcome! The most relaxing fidget spinner game is now in your mobile phone!
* Fidget spinner gyro is falling down a free fall as deep as you can.
* This is a new arcade fall free addictive game, with the amazing concept of fidget spinners widely known for their capacity and efficacy for stress relieving, just touch the screen with your finger
* To control the gyro hand fidget, fall down as far as possible, avoid the shelves and dead lines, keep your hand fidget spinning and let the gyro gravity do it’s magic.
* As time passed, the show will be faster and faster, the deepest you fall down the more your score, the more gyro gravity you will have to counteract.

**Game Features**

Realistic gyro fidgets spinners with 3D spinning physics
Stress relieving game
Bouncing challenge, avoid the coming objects to keep on spinning
Easy and simple to manipulate
Unique HD pronged design of the hottest toys available on the market
No WI-FI needed to play
New sounds and Bonuses
Addictive, arcade, casual zero stress mode.
Enhanced Physics: for extra fun and performance.

* Falling in Love with the game already! Complete the challenges and get unique spinners, your skills are pushed to the absolute Max!