K Music Player HiEnd level(自動更新、app、免序號、攻略、台灣、下載)|IOS|Dice01推薦

K Music Player HiEnd level,Dice01推薦最好用最熱門的手機應用(自動更新、app、免序號、攻略、台灣、下載),所有遊戲都可以透過Apple商店進行下載!

K Music Player HiEnd level|IOS

K Music Player explains what is the emotion of music, what is music, what is real art.
Premium music player, This player gives you a very good sound quality and sound appeal, showing the highest sound quality and the sound and the control of the sound and headphones, while correcting the majority of headphones, speakers defect
Function: FLAC lossless playback, analog taste voice, CUE support, LRC lyrics, A-B cycle repeat, sleep mode, 8 senior EQ, a variety of audio headset defect correction. Warm warm voice, vocal charm. Low frequency full flexible and powerful. High grade UI design, RTA spectrum effects,

Has 8parameters of the EQ equalizer, lyrics, CUE, MV
This EQ is 128bit high precision PEQ, will not have any adverse effects on the quality of the sound, and will enhance the playback capability of your device.
Support for importing music files, lyrics, covers from other App,can AirDrop

Supported formats: FLAC / WAV / MP3

This player is designed for top level users, and the player will give you the most beautiful music. And you don’t need to buy an external DAC, the player itself is a high quality DAC. Give you the most relaxed, portable music experience. Sound quality is not lost in the external DAC

If you need the highest level of sound quality, please use the Lightning interface to output to the support desk type power amplifier and the connection advanced audio system. Fully use the external advanced digital analog conversion circuit

Support folder player list and filter

The player has a real-time LP film record style module, we can obtain the LP style is warm and moist

The player has a special EarPods to do the sound adjustment, of course, the use of better headphones can get better sound quality.

Support EarPods / AirPods /PX200ii/MDR-Z7/SE846/HD600/HD650/HD800 and other advanced headphones

The player has an analog sound controller, which is used to eliminate the digital flavor of the sound.

Support folder and folder nested combination, each folder automatically generates a play list

Analysis of the left and right sound spectrum in real time

Detailed support specifications:
16bit 44.1KHz WAV
16bit 48KHz WAV

16bit 44.1khz FLAC
16bit 48khz FLAC

64-320kps MP3

Power consumption: WAV
Frequency response: 1Hz -22kHz
Input quality: 16bit 44.1KHz(CD)
DSP processing precision: 128bit
Output sound quality: 32bit 44.1KHz/32bit 48KHz/
Signal to noise ratio: 192 dB

how to copy music files:use iTunes put the music file at file sharing into K Music player’s document.

Customer support email: [email protected]

Enjoy music