Sky Monarch(New Strategy game)(apk、外掛、修改、優化、免費、高音質)|安卓|Dice01推薦

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Sky Monarch(New Strategy game)(apk、外掛、修改、優化、免費、高音質)|安卓|Dice01推薦(修改版)
Create your city,Grow and develop,Recruiting more warriors,Guard your sky city!
Create your city,Build your defensive tower,Grow and develop,Recruiting more warriors,Guard your sky city!Use various strategies to defeat their defenses,Beat the other lords,become the Sky Monarch!

It took us 14 months and we created this RTS game!This is a new game,it has the new heros,new story which is created by us,new strategy!We believe you will get a New Experience in our game!

The magic world which floating in the sky,called Lapaddo!The king of Lapaddo,who is the highest ruler and the guardian of peace,we call his as the Sky Monarch!The last Sky Monarch had dead for 30 years,The world is in turmoil,every city is in the war!You must beat all the other lords,and become the new Sky Monarch!THE Lapaddo need you,be fighting!

The grand original worldview, the exquisite original role,Show you the charm of Lapaddo!
Develop your sky city, improve defense strategy, practice RST gameplay and find your offensive strategy.
The new tower defense mode, we have not only the tower defense, but also the "people defense".
You need various types of military cooperation to form the strongest regiments.
Join the guild,grow with our Allies, and unite to defeat the enemy.