YAKUT FAIRY TALES(加速、全解鎖、序號優化、多開、退費)|安卓|Dice01推薦

YAKUT FAIRY TALES,Dice01推薦最好用最熱門的遊戲、手機應用,所有應用都可以透過Play商店進行下載!


YAKUT FAIRY TALES(加速、全解鎖、序號優化、多開、退費)|安卓|Dice01推薦(修改版)
First interactive yakut fairy tale now on Android!
A fairy tale is the first literature in any child's life. It's no secret that today's children are surrounded by gadgets that take their time and attention. "Interactive Yakut Fairy Tales" will help children to spend their time with benefit, while their parents can go about their business. The main purpose of the application is to help your child's development and teach them to read.
Fairy tales are designed for kids aged 2 to 8 years old.
The application is available in three languages: Yakut, Russian and English.
The application contains a story "How ermine's tail turned black."
In the future, other fairy tales will be added.